Fighting the Infodemic: Advanced Techniques for Misinformation Management

Project Highlights

COVID19 Misinfomration


Counter infodemic

Digital media has revolutionized information dissemination, leading to an unprecedented surge in available content. However, this accessibility also facilitates the spread of misinformation or fake news, posing significant threats to individuals, institutions, and societies. The problem has been particularly noticeable during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, where accurate information is crucial for public safety.

Misinformation can shape public opinion, influence elections, jeopardize public health, and incite conflict. The rapid spread of false information on digital platforms necessitates advanced tools for detecting, classifying, and managing such content.

Our Mission

Our research project, “Multilingual COVID19 Fake News Detection and Misinformation Management on Social Media” emerges in this context. It seeks to provide actionable insights and solutions to mitigate the risks associated with fake news and foster a more reliable and informed digital ecosystem. We leverage machine learning and natural language processing technologies to study the patterns and impacts of misinformation, aiming to create innovative approaches to address this critical issue.

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